Maintenance and Service FAQ

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We've compiled a bunch of questions that our residents frequently ask about the maintenance and other services we perform in our buildings and units. Have a question that's not answered here? You can submit a new question!

I smell gas in my apartment.

In most cases this isn't anything to worry about.  See Gas Smell.

If I make a maintenance request, will I be charged for the service?

In most cases, no!  Standard maintenance service is included in your lease.  For more information on how that works and what services are included, you should read our Service Guarantee.

My light bulb is out and I can't reach to replace it. Can you come and do it for me?

Sure!  See Light Bulb Replacement.

The Internet hotspot service at my building is out.  Who should I call?

The hotspot service provided in your building is offered by a third party provider, and is not operated by  Unfortunately, we can't help you with any issues with that service.  For more details on that, and information on whom to contact, see Internet Hotspots.

My toilet is running intermittently.  What do I do?

Call us right away.  We can fix the problem in five minutes at no charge to you.  If you don't report it, however, you may cause a lot of water to be wasted, resulting in higher water bills for the entire building, and you will be responsible for that cost.  For more information, see Plumbing Issues.

My stove range won't light, or my oven won't heat up.  What should I do?

Before putting in a service ticket, you should first check out Stove Oven and Range Issues to troubleshoot what is wrong.

Is there a recycling program?  If not, how do I recycle?

We do not have recycling programs at our buildings, but you are welcome to participate in your local recycling program.  For more information, see Recycling Trash.