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If your building does not already have a private recycling program in place, you are welcome to participate in your area's recycling program.   If you are going to do so, there are a few rules you must adhere by:

  1. You may recycle your own trash only.  You may not recycle in conjunction with others in your building.
  2. You must obtain, at your own cost, a recycling bin approved by your local jurisdiction.  It cannot be more than 20 gallons in size.
  3. Items that do not fit in the bin may not be recycled this way.  
  4. You may not place styrofoam (packing, peanuts or any other objects made of styrofoam), tissue paper, plastic bags, or any material prohibited by your local jurisdiction in a recycling bin.
  5. You must rinse clean all items to be recycled before you place them in the bin.
  6. The recycling bin must be kept inside of your apartment at all times except on pick-up days.
  7. You must place the bin in the alley (or street, depending on the rules of your neighborhood) the evening before a pick-up day, and remove it by the evening of the pick-up day.  The bin may not be placed outside of the building for more than a 24-hour period.
  8. When placed outside the building, you must keep the area around your recycling bin clean at all times, and pick up any debris left by the recycling collector.
  9. If you participate in any recycling program, you agree that if the building receives any fines due related to recycling, all residents that recycle will assume equal responsibility for the payment of that fine, the cost of which will be considered additional rent.

We reserve the right to require you to discontinue recycling and dispose of your recycling bin upon written notice from our office.

For information on Baltimore City's recycling program visit Baltimore City Recycling, and to purchase bins click here.