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House Rules - use 'em or else!

This handbook category attempts to group together all of the rules, regulations and requirements you're expected to follow while living in a building or apartment.  We've tried to list the answer to every question you might ask here as simply and in as plain english as possible, but please note this is not a comprehensive list.  If the answer to what you're looking for is not listed here, try a keyword search using the search field to the left. 

We're not perfect! While we've worked very hard to give you as much information as possible in our handbook, we're certain that we've missed at least a few things.  If you've come across a question or issue that is just not addressed in this handbook, you can submit the question to us for a direct response.  We may even like your question so much that we'll add the answer to this handbook for all to see!

If you can't find your answer here, don't assume that we don't have a rule or requirement pertaining to it.  Ask first just to be sure!