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In some of our apartments, we have replaced the standard apartment door lock with a new, state of the art keyless lock system.  If your apartment has this type of lock, you will not be issued a key for your door.  Instead, you will be issued a numeric code.

Meet the Lock

Schlage Keyless Deadbolt

Entry Codes

When you sign your Apartment Lease, you will furnish us with your own personal entry code.  This code will be programmed into your keyless lock by the time you move in.  Only one code will be programmed per resident.  Unfortunately, we aren't able to program additional codes for friends or relatives.  

Your lock will also be programmed with a maintenance code so that staff can access your apartment for service issues.  


While the lock does have a keyhole, you will not be issued a key to unlock the door.  Only the Entry Code will allow you entrance.  The keyhole you see is only used for our team to mechanically override the system in case of any problems with the electronics.

Using the Lock

By default, the deadbolt is disengaged from the lock itself, allowing the bolt knob to spin freely.  If you enter your Entry Code correctly, the deadbolt will engage, and you will be able to open the door.  

Here's how to unlock your door:

  1. Press the Schlage button to illuminate the keypad (optional).
  2. Type in your Entry Code.
  3. Turn the bolt knob (the knob with the keyhole) away from the edge of the door to retract the deadbolt and unlock the door.

To lock the door when it is unlocked:

  1. Press the Schlage button.
  2. Turn the bolt knob toward the edge of the door.  Make sure the deadbolt is completely engaged.
  3. The system will disengage the deadbolt within 10 seconds and your door will be secure.

Here's a link to a video demonstrating lock usage:

Low Batteries

A flashing light on the inside of the lock will indicate that you need to change the batteries within three days.  If this happens, please submit a maintenance request right away and we will change the battery for you as soon as possible.  If you fail to report a low battery to us and you are locked out of your apartment, you may be responsible for paying a lock out charge.


Be careful who you give your code out to.  If you ever are in a situation where you need us to remove one or more current codes and/or issue you one or more new ones, you will need to submit a maintenance request to us.  We will schedule a time to reprogram your lock the next time we visit your building, for a fee of $35.  Remember, only one code may be issued per resident.  Unfortunately, we can't program additional codes for friends or relatives.  

If you require the service right away or after hours, please call our emergency hotline at (410) 753-2132 and we'll respond as soon as possible.  The cost of emergency reprogramming is $75 in cash, payable directly to the team member who arrives to reprogram the lock (the team member gets the money, not us!).  

Additional Information

For a comprehensive list of our key policies, see Keys.