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What are the quiet hours?  What if my neighbor is being noisy?

For information on our quiet hours and noise policy, see Quiet Hours.

Can I paint my apartment?

We do not allow residents to paint their own apartments, however in some cases you can have us do the painting for you.  Our current painting policy can be found under Painting.

Am I allowed to have cable TV or a satellite dish installed?

Sure!  We do have some rules and regulations you must follow when ordering and having these services installed.  For information on having cable TV installed at your place, see Cable TV and Telephone.  For information on having satellite TV installed, see Satellite Dishes.

Can I have a plain old telephone (POT) landline installed?

Sure!  As with any other service that requires installation, you must adhere to our requirements when ordering and having the service installed.  For that information, see Cable TV and Telephone.

How do I get access to the free Internet hotspot service?

When you move in, we will provide you with the network name and password that applies to your building. You can use this password for all your wi-fi enabled devices. 

I want to get my own dedicated Internet service instead of the one you offer.  Is that okay?

Of course!  If it is a service that requires installation, you'll need to follow our rules when having the service installed.  For cable, DSL or FIOS service, see Cable TV and Telephone.  If you plan to order a wireless service, such as Clearwire service from your mobile phone provider, you can go ahead and do so without having to contact us first.