Service Guarantee

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We guarantee that your apartment will be clean, painted and in good working order when you move in, and we promise to keep it that way. Our Property Manager works 6-days a week (emergency service is available 24/7)  to make sure that everything in your apartment is always maintained in good working order.

Remember: the overall condition of the apartment when you rent it is how it will be maintained.

Since your building is older, it has imperfections. These are part of the building, and are part of what makes your apartment so unique. Small cracks sometimes form in the walls from settling. Older windows and doors might leak cold or hot air. You’ll occasionally find funny patchwork in the floors and walls. You might even find interesting holes in interesting places. Provided these things do not affect your well-being and comfort, they are not part of your regular maintenance plan.

We will repair any electrical or plumbing issue, or any appliance, cabinet, floor, door, window, fire safety, security or peeling paint issue caused by normal wear and tear or age. We actively maintain and clean the common hallways and exterior of your building as well.

If a purely cosmetic item bothers you, we will be happy to repair it at a reasonable price. You are responsible for providing your own space heaters, air conditioning units, light bulbs, and other household items. You are responsible for small problems, so buy drain cleaner and a plunger. Check for hair in a clogged drain, and replace the light bulb in a dark fixture before calling maintenance, to avoid being assessed a Repair Charge. We hold these policies, as do all other small-building landlords, to keep costs low enough that these apartments remain affordable.

We appreciate your understanding!